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Rental Unit Safety Essentials

Rental Essentials

Rental Unit Safety Essentials

It is important to be prepared, and having certain items on hand when you live alone or with a roommate is crucial. Crisis situations will arise and you'll handle them much better if you are prepared.

(Think about the storms we just had within the last week. Some of these items would have been great to have on hand!) Below are some rental essentials that are better to have BEFORE you need them: - Renters Insurance- We have insurance to cover the cost of anything that may happen to your building, like a fire or flood. This insurance does not protect your stuff. Food in the fridge, your laptop, cell phones, items from your car, and even dog-bite costs can be covered by renters insurance. On average, renters insurance costs about $16.00 a month and can easily be bundled with your car insurance. GET IT TODAY! We can not stress the importance of renters insurance enough.

- Fire Extinguisher- This item is one you won’t need until you really need it. You can be careful and prevent and put out small fires, but a fire extinguisher really should be in your rental for those times when something gets out of control. If you're in an apartment you are completely at the mercy of your neighbors fire hazards as well.

Get a multi-purpose fire extinguisher on Amazon - A Toolbox - It is nice to have someone around who is handy, but sometimes you will have to handle some things for yourself. It's a great idea to get a small toolbox for your apartment so you have basic tools when needed. Great for tightening a loose screw on a piece of furniture, assembling kids toys, etc.

Get a starter toolbox on Amazon - Flashlight & Batteries - Your power will go out. Although Pittsburgh doesn't experience frequent big storms, when they do happen we tend to experience problems with downed power lines and issues with transformers. Not having a flashlight when you need one is frustrating and can even be deadly in certain situations.

Get a 4 pack of flashlights on Amazon - First Aid Kit - Having a first aid kit is essential. When something happens you don't want to run out to get the supplies you need. Make sure you have at least a small first aid kit in your apartment with basics like hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, gauze, painkillers, and band-aids. Having the bare essentials on hand when you have a little accident is so important! Buy a 299-piece kit on Amazon


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