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About RPI

With over 25 years of experience in the Pittsburgh rental business, we have the knowledge and experience to create quality housing opportunities in some of Pittsburgh’s greatest neighborhoods. We have properties in popular neighborhoods like Lawrenceville and Millvale. RPI is a locally-owned company:


RPI is a locally-owned company:

  • We live and work here.

  • We care about our communities and our city.

  • You can reach us; if you call you can always talk to a someone or someone will quickly return your call.

  • We use a 3rd party maintenance company so that you receive the best service in your home.

  • RPI is responsible for 400 + rental units in the greater Pittsburgh area. Our small staff is on a first-name basis with many, if not most, of our tenants. This ensures that we are always aware and quick to respond to any problems that may arise.

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