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New Millvale Recycling Bins

Millvale residents - you may have noticed new Green Recycling bins beginning to roll out to residents this week. If you have received one of the new bins already, we wanted to let you know what you are able to put in the green bins for recycling.

You can put the following into your green recycling bin:

  • newspapers, magazines and telephone directories

  • paper and clean cardboard

  • plastic bottles (such as drinks, detergent, shampoo and plastic milk bottles - please leave the lids on)

  • steel and aluminium food and drinks cans

  • empty aerosols

  • glass bottles and jars (leave the tops on)

  • plastic food pots, tubs and trays (such as yogurt pots, ice cream containers and margarine tubs)

  • waxed cartons and tetra paks (such as those used for juices and soups)

  • foil and foil trays

  • shredded paper

  • envelopes (including window type), greetings cards and junk mail

  • wrapping paper

Please rinse all food residue from items before placing them loosely in your green bin. This helps improve the quality, and therefore the value, of the recycling, as well helping to keep your bin fresh. Loose materials are much easier to sort.

The following CAN'T be put in:

  • plastic/carrier bags

  • polystyrene

  • glass such as drinking glasses, Pyrex ware, and broken window panes

  • textiles

  • food waste (please put this in your food bin)

  • garden waste

  • batteries

  • books

If you put items that can't currently be recycled into your green bin, we may not be able to empty it. It will be contaminated and will go to general waste instead.

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