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Fall Rental Unit Maintenance

November Rental Maintenance

Fall Rental Unit Maintenance

Find Your Vents A lot of renters tend to block their heat sources unintentionally- especially if they’ve moved in during the Summer months. Make an effort to find all of the vents in your home and ensure there’s no furniture blocking your heat sources. Along the same note, if you have radiators instead of vents, make sure there’s nothing on top of or directly in front of them. Any large pieces of furniture (like a sofa) will selfishly block and absorb the heat you need.​ Buy Batteries If you follow the old rule of thumb of changing out smoke detector batteries with daylight savings, it's that time of year! Batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be changed twice a year, hence why it's easiest to remember with Daylight Savings. Buy an 8-pack of 9 Volt batteries ($1.19 / Count) here. Stop Drafts Cold drafts coming into your house can mean some annoyingly cold nights and can have big impacts on your utility bill. Buy or make a Draft Stopper. Invest in heavy thermal lined curtains. About 10% of heat is lost through bare floorboards, to combat this, purchase a few rugs to be placed throughout your home.


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