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RPI Holiday FYI

House Keeping
RPI Rentals

  1. The RPI Rentals office will be closed 12/24 - 12/26 and 12/31 - 1/2.

  2. For January, rent will be collected without a late fee until January 7th.

  3. If you wish to drop off your rent check or money order while we are closed please place it in the secure mailbox to the left of our front door.

  4. If you need to make a maintenance request please do so through OneSource IPS

  5. Emergency Maintenance Request: The specific definition of a maintenance emergency is an issue that is dangerous, hazardous, or if not addressed immediately could cause damage to the property or your personal well-being (e.g., flooding, no heat in the winter, or gas leak). If your emergency meets the criteria please call 412 - 848 - 1953.


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